We All Hate Passwords

We unfortunately use passwords to login everyday - from our laptop, through to online services. They are easy to crack and provide a poor user experience. What are the alternatives? How can we migrate away?

What Biometric Options Do We Have?

A range of biometrics are available - from morphological through to behavioural. How do we select which is best for our enterprise or project? What are false accept and reject rates? What about capture and processing requirements?

Learn Emerging & Established Authentication Standards

Understand the main building blocks of standards such as FIDO (UAF/U2F), FIDO2 and WebAuthn, Passkeys, Kerberos, RADIUS, NIST 800-63B, PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication, OIDC and SAML

What About IoT and Machine to Machine?

Not all authentication mechanisms have a person involved. How to support evolving ecosystems for smart and constrained IoT and machine to machine based projects? What options do we have? What constraints are we facing?

Learn How to Design - Focus on Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Learn the building blocks of how to design authentication solutions for employees, consumers and things - based on a top down methodology that helps link the business problems with actionable tactics.

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor: Simon Moffatt

Simon has over 22 years experience working within the broader identity and access management space. A published author and contributor to identity standards at the likes of NIST and the IETF, he is regularly asked to present at conferences, contributes to media and co-hosts The Week in Identity podcast.

He is founder of The Cyber Hut - an industry analyst and advisory firm.

He is a CISSP, CCSP, CEH and CISA and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security from Royal Holloway University of London.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

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